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Our firm is a medium-sized firm operating in East London, South Africa and offers a wide range of services which are carried out by our various team members.


Our Director, Steve Bruce, decided to open his own business in 2006 after having served as a partner at a globally renowned firm’s East London office for a period of 11 years. Steve together with Eugene Birch formed Birch Bruce Chartered Accountants which occupied the premises at 80 Frere Road, East London, South Africa. Both Steve and Eugene served their own clients and had their own staff compliment within the building and under the Birch Bruce Chartered Accountants umbrella.

Bruce Inc. formally began operations in October 2019 when Steve managed to secure a premises large enough to house his whole staff compliment which were previously split into two separate buildings approximately 500 meters away from each other. Whilst the staff were relatively close to each other, the distance did still however cause some frustration and as a result a decision was made to seek new premises. Unfortunately due to Steve moving his entire office and staff compliment into our 4 Lancaster road premises with Eugene remaining at the 80 Frere Road premises, the regulations allowing us to operate would deem us as network firms and the requirements thereof were onerous. As a result, both Steve and Eugene took the decision to re-brand their respective business so as to avoid being seen as network firms.

As a result of the above, Steve’s office re-branded to Bruce Inc. which coincided with the occupation of our 4 Lancaster Road, East, London, South Africa premises.


Bruce Inc. provides accounting; audit; payroll; secretarial; tax and business advisory services to family owned businesses as well as larger corporate structures. We specialise in developing a relationship with the business owner and walking alongside him or her on all key business decisions. Steve and his staff at Bruce Inc. aim to provide a reliable and relevant service to clients and we adopt a very close hands on approach where needed. We are passionate in helping business owners to set goals and evaluate how they have progressed.

Please feel free to contact us should you wish to discuss your business needs.