Our Services


We offer tailored accounting packages to businesses to suit their specific reporting requirements.

The client accounting department caters for both year end annual financial statement preparation as well as monthly accounting work which includes the calculation of VAT and submission of the VAT201 to SARS.

Our team has a wealth of experience, is goal orientated and driven to provide the very best service to our clients. We strive to add value where ever possible and make it our goal to assist you in understanding your business better and in turn, allowing you to run it more effectively.


We offer advisory services to our clients as needed.

Our director, Steve Bruce, personally carries out all advisory work and aims to bring the utmost value to the table so that our clients are in the best possible position to assess and make business decisions which are usually in most cases urgent. Steve has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to business structuring and tax planning and takes a keen interest in assisting businesses to grow and succeed as far as possible.


We offer financial statement audits to our clients which are either voluntary in nature or compulsory in terms of legislation.

We pride ourselves in our high attention to detail, professional skepticism and due care used throughout the process. We always ensure that our audit methodologies are up to date and that we are auditing in terms of the latest auditing standards and legislation.

Our aim when auditing is to carry out the task at hand with the utmost care and ensure that the audit is conducted as time and resource efficiently as possible without compromising the quality of the audit.


We offer payroll services to all of our clients.

From carrying out weekly payroll runs through to monthly payroll runs, we are able to assist and no job is too big or too small for us.

We keep it as simple as possible and all that you need to do from your side is provide us with the details and then approve the payroll once you have inspected and confirmed your agreement.

We also assist in submitting your SARS EMP201's and EMP501's; issuing of IRP5 tax certificates as well as completion of the Workman's Compensation ROE form on an annual basis.

We use trusted payroll software and our payroll department is well trained and equipped to assist you.


We offer secretarial related services to all of our clients and have staff employed who specialise in dealing with secretarial matters.

Most businesses outsource this task however we have found that by doing it in house, there is faster turn around times, less hassles for our clients and the client experience is much more personalised to their specific needs. The services offered by our secretarial department are extensive but rest assured that your entity's secretarial matters as well as CIPC compliance matters are well taken care of.


We offer tax services which we render to all of our clients.

We pride ourselves in our wealth of experience and tax planning as well as how closely we work with our clients to ensure that they enjoy maximum tax savings within the constraints of the various Acts.

Our tax department caters for all forms of entities as well as for individuals.

Our tax department team are long standing employees and as a result have built strong relationships with our clients in relation to their tax matters and providing the very best service possible to them.